Search for survivors after plane crash in Cameroon continues

Authorities on Thursday continued search for survivors on a  plane carrying 11 people that crashed in Cameroon on Wednesday.

The aircraft had been chartered by a private company, the Cameroon Oil Transportation (COTCO) which is building and running a pipeline between Cameroon and neighbouring Chad.

According to the ministry of traffic, Contact to the plane was lost roughly 150km away from the capital of Yaoundé, near the forests of Nanga Eboko.

An immediate search effort found the wreckage.

“We are not certain yet whether anyone survived,’’ a spokesperson for COTCO told dpa.

There is no information on the nationality of the passenger, should there be no survivors, it will constitute the deadliest aircraft accident in the country since May 5, 2007, when a Kenya Airlines jet carrying 114 people crashed with no survivors.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that air traffic controllers “lost radio contact with the aircraft”.

The aircraft, whose type and make was not made public, was flying from Yaounde-Nsimalen airport to Belabo, in the east of the country, a ministry statement said.

It was the first major air catastrophe reported in Cameroon since 2007, when a Kenya Airways plane carrying 114 people crashed after take-off from Douala Airport.

There were no survivors in that accident.

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