Russia expects content of U.S. response to its security proposals to leak

 Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Thursday said the content of the U. S.’ response to Russian proposals on security guarantees would be known soon.

“As for the content of the response, I think it will become known to the general public in the very near future.

“Our American colleagues told us, although they prefer the document to remain for a confidential diplomatic dialogue, it has been agreed with all U.S. allies and with Ukrainian side. Therefore, I have no doubt that in the very near future it will ‘leak’,” Lavrov told reporters.

He also stressed that Moscow was considering the U.S. and NATO responses on security guarantees as a whole.

The minister said “we are considering two documents as a whole, taking into account the fact that they are a reaction to the draft treaty and agreement that we circulated in December 2021.”

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