Rowdy session at ECOWAS Parliament over alleged insulting of Nigerian politicians by Benin Republic delegate

WorldStage Newsonline– Proceeding at the Economic Community of West Africa State (ECOWAS) Parliament in Abuja took a rowdy turn on Thursday as a Nigerian delegate, Hon. Lynda Ikpeazu challenged a Benin Republic counterpart, Hon. Youssoufou Bida for allegedly labeling Nigerian politicians as corrupt during the previous day’s session.

It all started when Hon. Ikpeazu sought a point of order before the session could commence to resolve a standing issue with Hon Bida who she allegedly claimed that Nigeria politicians were corrupt.

Specifically, Hon. Ikpeazu with support from some parliamentarians called the Third Deputy Speaker, Madam Ibrahima Memounatou who was chairing the plenary to resolve the issue.

But the plenary became rowdy when the speaker insisted that the matter would be revisited after the session.

As the speaker called on the Togolese delegation to present it country report, some members engaged in a shouting match as they claimed rights to be heard before the session can continue.

At this junction, the Third Deputy Speaker decided to suspend sitting for about 45min to restore order.

It was on Wednesday after Nigeria delegation presented it country report that Hon. Bida made a remark that Nigerian political class that wanted to be rich should go into business like Aliko Dangote.

But Hon. Ikpeazu frowned at the comment, saying that the Benin Republic delegate was insulting Nigeria politicians.

However, before proceeding on Thursday, Hon. Ikpeazu admitted that she had a one-on-one discussion with Hon. Bida who claimed that he was misinterpreted by the interpreter. 

Hon. Ikpeazu said since he claimed that he was misinterpreted, the record should be deleted.

“He did not mean it. He said he was not targeting anybody, he had withdrawn it and he didn’t mean what he said,” Ikpeazu said.

Bida on his part said, “We are humans who exercise freedom of speech. I was accused of saying that political class of Nigeria was corrupt. I never accused any MP directly. Maybe the interpreters misinterpreted me. I didn’t say Nigerian political class was corrupt. 

“They did not listen to my plea. I only asked that they should work for the good of the population and on issues of good governance, and that corruption is not resolved in our country.”

Note: Headline and body edited to Benin Republic delegate instead of initial Niger Republic .

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